Lost Stars

I keep coming back to this song. I remember hearing it for the first time, and bawling my eyes out since I was trying to recover from a breakup.

A few weeks later I heard it on the radio while driving to work with my sister, and my eyes still bursted like a couple of semi-deflated water balloons.

And now, to me it’s just a bittersweet song that I like singing passionately on karaoke.

Songs have a funny way to amplify feelings, no?


Someone pointed out to me that I like putting labels on things, especially music.

“Oh that makes for good workout music.”

“This sounds like something I’d play with the windows down, when I’m driving fast on the highway home, coming from a long day at work.”

“This song is good for long walks near the ocean.”

That really is how I categorize the music that I listen to. In a way it also helps me remember things since I use songs to associate to different memories.

  • I remember listening to a high school friend’s copy of the Chrono Cross soundtrack while I was doing a procrastinated review for my Biology exam the day after.
  • I remember listening to Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” while sitting at the back seat of my dad’s old Mercedes, on one traffic-filled day underneath the flyover in EDSA Timog.
  • I remember listening to Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas tracks while we were also stuck in evening holiday traffic in White Plains.
  • Etc.

So yeah. This post actually doesn’t have a point, except that I use music to help me with remembering things. It’s great, because sometimes it’s just nice to close your eyes and be overwhelmed with an image of a memory and just be flooded with these inexplicable emotions that was brought about by a song.


Lost Stars