Last Game, a shoujo manga about this girl who grew up fixated on doing well at academics and her part-time job so she could help out her single mom. Opposite this smart girl with zero social norm knowledge is her rich classmate from preschool who has always considered her a rival from being top of the class. I guess you know how these stories go.


Vlogs. I’m keen on starting my own, actually! Writing isn’t exactly my best form of expression, though I try; and showing people how I act can make snippets of my daily life funnier, I think. It’s also a way to practice my video editing skills!


Beyond Two Souls.

It’s a beautifully designed game with an equally engrossing story, with a stellar cast that includes Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.
I finished this game before already, actually. But my actions in the game were predictable and “for the greater good”. I was curious what type of ending I would have if the actions I selected were more apathetic and reckless.


I’ve been looking for this song! Vina made me search for it while I was being the official car DJ on our way home the other night.


Of Kitkat Chunky.


That if my ideas got a go to execute after I’ve left, they would still give me credit for them in the future. I can’t help it if I loved my ideas for my last push at work!


Raggedy clothes. Perfect clothes.


That I have Twinkies.


Double birthday

I have literally been eating since yesterday.

My friend Vina and I, co-Leos and all, celebrated our birthdays yesterday til today with another high school best friend of ours Jane. Vina’s cousin Ariza was there as well, but as you can see in the photo on the left, she decided to stay behind the camera.

Last night we had dinner at Nihonbashitei in Pasay Road, Makati. We were the four girls last night who ordered food for 8. EIGHT! We were there eating (pacing ourselves in between) for 3 hours. I swear our server judged our appetites.

We went home to my place, which was to be Vina’s first time EVER in her now 26 years of living, to sleep over. We washed up, talked about life in general, and went to sleep after I read tarot cards for them.

The next day we woke up at half past 11 and did not leave the house for a solid brunch at 12. We had ribs and wings at, well, Buffalo Bro’s Ribs and Wings in Maginhawa, and they did have a small menu with decent servings. I would still choose Rub Ribs & BBQ though for a heftier run for the money meal.

Then on that rainy afternoon we set out to Afters, a new dessert place in Alvero St. corner Esteban Abada St. near Katipunan. We had toffee nut and hazelnut lattes with our shared plate of molten lava cake (served with a gelato of our choice – in this case, Tahitian Vanilla).

A photo posted by Felicia Roque (@chirockee) on Aug 1, 2015 at 12:56am PDT

Much to the server’s disbelief, we ordered another plate of this magical thing, only this time with Stracciatella gelato. When they handed us our bill, our waiter just had to make sure: “Um, you really DID order two molten lava cakes, right?”

So yes. Basically, you guys should try their lava cake. It is quite, how they would say, the bomb.