That was our official hashtag since the Siojos invited us over at their simple house by the beach at Matuod, Batangas following our company’s teambuilding activity in Nasugbu.

It was at first a strange bunch, since we really didn’t know each other that much. But it was fun! It was a weekend of gaining new friends, sharing good beer and food over good music, chilling 500 meters away from shore where the water was still just knee-deep.

In the middle of nowhere. In the middle of nowhere.

Poster girls, poster boy. Poster girls, poster boy.

No two sunsets are ever the same. No two sunsets are ever the same.

360 Fitness Club, represent! 360 Fitness Club, represent!

This bunch sans moi. This bunch sans moi.

Love and lots of morning light.
Love and lots of morning light.

Climbed this like a monkey! Climbed this like a monkey!

Hijos and hijas of Batangas. Hijos and hijas of Batangas.

Bromance and a lovely contrast of sand and sea. Bromance and a lovely contrast of sand and sea.

Shenanigans! Shenanigans!

Gained unli-invites to the Siojo beach house! Woot! Gained unli-invites to the Siojo beach house! Woot!

I love the beach, especially when you’re in the company of good people who knows how to have fun! Personally I’d want to look leaner the next time I’m hitting the sea. I felt self-imposed pressure when these people took their shirts off. GOD! How many more weeks of working out and an okay attempt to curb my appetite, until I get ripped??


Thank you, Q1!

Ah, to be a somewhat-not-as-confused-with-life 25-year-old.

GONG @ Circular Road, Singapore
Look at this con, she doesn’t even drink wine!

If there is anything that I’m grateful for in the first quarter of this year apart from my equally life-changing trips, it’s that I’ve met three people who made me realize certain things to help me grow as I go through the first quarter of my life:

Person #1 showed me the kind of person who I do not aspire to be. Perpetually young, lost, lacking ambition, content with the way things are (which is often a good thing! But not in this case, as this person is still dependent on parents).

Person #1 made me see clearly that I should be a self-sufficient individual with at least a semblance of a goal to work hard for. Not everyone has a well-off family to rely on when you’re being wishy-washy with life. And if you want something, in the end you only have yourself to confidently depend on.

Person #2 taught me that chemistry is important when starting a relationship. It is easy to say “I want a boyfriend”, but the really difficult part about it is finding someone who you share a meaningful, but fun and on occasion even mysterious, connection with. Not just basic similarities like say, you both love dogs, or you share the same zodiac sign. The spark must be there, and I strongly believe that it should be apparent in the first or even the second date (Do a double-tap to be sure!).

If there is nothing there, there’s no point prolonging the agony of forcing love to happen; one should simply just nip it by the bud, and move on.

Person #3 was the complete opposite of myself, which I thought complemented my personality. This person gave me such good vibes that I could not explain better in words. Person #3 was simply himself, and without meaning to, his personality literally inspired me to take myself one step further.

What’s stopping me from talking to people more? What’s stopping me from letting loose and going to places I deemed uncomfortable before even trying? What’s stopping me from trying to live abroad?

Person #3 made me realize that I police myself too much. I’ve allowed myself to be so square that I’m stopping myself from even trying anything. Shake those shoulders, visit places, meet new people. It should be as easy as that, and you’ll learn even more things along the way.


Conclusion: Growing up is HARD, if that is not the most obvious realization of the last couple of years.

I’ve read that every person you come across has a purpose in your life. I’m pretty fortunate to have met these three individuals who in the show The Amazing Race are the Detours that I needed. One minute I was like a deer caught in the headlights, and then upon the overlap of meeting them I was fast-tracked to making concrete step-by-step actions on how to make my life more fruitful.

Now my challenge to you is to look at your 2015 so far, and think of all the people you’ve met in the last couple of months. How have they changed you? Let that simmer for a bit. Like me, you must be lucky that they’ve indirectly changed your life, (for the better, I’m hoping!) All you have to do is nurture these realizations, and make them work out for you!

Thank you, Q1!

Eternal Sunshine – Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko, background zooming out. Car crash. Paramedics. Cutscenes of flashbacks. Cutscenes of moments prior. A still shot of Jhené.

At first I’m not sure what to make of the video, and I just thought that hey, it’s a nice song. But after some research, I found out that Jhené Aiko’s brother Miyagi (to whom she dedicated the song) died from cancer in 2012. In 2013, she, her daughter, sister and father was involved in a car crash. Both stories were interspersed in the video, and paired with her airy music having lyrics that seem almost nostalgic: I can’t help but almost (ALMOST) cry.

Listen to this with good memories in mind that you share with a brother, a sister, your parents, your loved ones. Remember all the good things.

Eternal Sunshine – Jhené Aiko

Singapore 2015

I just uploaded my photos from my Singapore trip! (Caution: This post is image-heavy!) I was there for 5 days, aimlessly wandering into less popular tourist destinations.

Honestly the first day of my trip was the most important, being that the One Direction concert was my only itinerary. Little did I know it was I think their second to the last performance as a complete band of five.

I was so close, too! In pesos, my overall expenses were relatively cheap: Continue reading “Singapore 2015″

Singapore 2015


I first came upon the acronym while watching Band of Brothers as a preteen.

It meant “Same Shit Different Day”.

It applies to a lot of things, but I relate it more to hearing the same blown-out-of-proportion drama being relayed repetitively by people who refuse to take your advice so these things won’t happen again. And boy, what strong, lengthy, passionate opinions on things they have on their issues, too. You try to be patient and unbiased, but they remain relentless.

But you know what? At this point in my life, I’m dealing with my own more important future-related problems to accommodate such drama. After all, they say your 20s is the time in your life where you realize which people are valuable and which ones are detrimental to your personal growth. You also realize which ones are actually in the same wavelength of openness as you, to listen to your views as a friend for their own maturation.

People in your life come and go. It’s a matter of knowing which ones to keep, and which ones you are fine without.

P.S. Ending this on a high note!


No men required


Today in Awww Yiss, people have come and gone and wondered who assembled the table since there are no guys in the household.

Well, I assembled the table. A table that I bought.

Plus I carried it singlehandedly to my room, a table that two men had brought in from the delivery truck.

*hairflip x1000*

No men required