10547478_10152359504575208_1995914784492337331_nHappy 25th birthday to me! These were flowers that I got from my best friend of 23 years (TWENTY THREE!). It’s funny because the guard at the gate of our village wouldn’t allow them to pass without calling us first, that’s why she couldn’t make it as surprising as she hoped for. I was still surprised, nonetheless! How long has it been since I last received flowers? College?


Kindness and Generosity

Recently, a friend shared an article that appeared on my Facebook feed. It was called Masters of Love, and it talked about how this man called John Gottman conducted a decades-old research on human relationship with respect to their significant others. It basically showed the difference between couples that are still together (called masters) and couples that have already separated (called disasters), six years since they were first interviewed for the study.

I picked up a lot of good things from this article. The beauty of it is that the things learned from Gottman’s work can be applied in relationships even beyond the romantic sense for which it was intended:

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