Called a radio station today to join a contest. I didn’t even know what prize I would win. In 10 seconds, I should name 5 colors starting with the letter “B”.

Me: Brown… Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber… Uh….
DJ: 5 seconds!
DJ: Time’s up! Ohhh so close!

Didn’t even think of Black and Blue. The fine arts student is strong with me.

Learning through If’s

  • If you have stubbornly settled on a thought and you decided to stop trying for anything else, you just decided to lose a multiverse of possibilities.
  • If you put so much pressure on yourself, you just have to take a step back and ask, “Did anyone die for this reason that I was so hard on myself?”
  • If you had to choose things that you consider will give you happiness over actual people, remember that people are actually capable of making you feel good and more. And that is something no object can give you.
  • If you feel like you’re always right like no other opinion could stand up to what you already believe in, then there must be something wrong with you. Openness is hard but often necessary.
  • If you truly love something, you don’t mind making time for it. You do a little extra step out of your way for it because you want it. People need to stop the glorification of busy.
  • If you feel at some point that your efforts towards another person aren’t justly reciprocated, you need to realize that consistently latching on to hope isn’t always the best and only way to go about trying to mend it.
  • If it matters, don’t get rid of it. Do everything in your power to cherish and nurture it.
  • If you find yourself having too much of a good thing, don’t question it. It’s not always a bad thing, because some folks don’t get that much luck as you do.
  • If you find yourself jaded with quality (of life, love, career, etc), learn the difference between “good enough” and “the best I could make or give myself”.
  • If you think you don’t have much to offer, the best thing you could do is to be good to people and to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with giving your best in everything. It’s better than giving something half-assed.
  • If you want to change for the better, don’t be a recluse shutting out any form of interaction that could be good for improvement. Go out and do things out of the ordinary.
  • If you sugarcoat indifference and dissatisfaction with politeness, there’s actually more damage in doing so than simply laying the truth out there.
  • If you feel dejected after a tremendous amount of effort on your part, you should be proud that you are capable of a doing great and unsurmountable job while you were at it. It just wasn’t received by the right audience, or they were just too ignorant to appreciate it.
  • If you choose to see the world in rose-colored lenses, don’t forget that you might forget and lose sight of what is happening to reality.
  • If you find yourself lost zoning in on one aspect of your life, this makes you dull and uninspiring – to yourself and to others.
  • If you are a kind person, you will never run out of good things coming your way. The good karma is only kind of a bonus for being a genuinely kind and happy person.
  • If your mind and heart are willing, you are unstoppable.