Here’s what happened to me yesterday, and I posted this first on Facebook:

I wasn’t feeling well so I took the bus to the parking lot. Turns out they decided not to drop people off there.

ANYWAY. I stood from my seat and wrestled my way through the crowd to get to the exit.

THEN I wondered why the steel post I was holding on to wasn’t sturdy.

THEN when I was about to exit, it turns out that the not-so-sturdy post was a crutch of a handicapped man and I’ve been trying to pry it away from him for about 15 minutes.

The end.


So I’ve received comments like I’m sheltered and I’m not used to commuting. Well, I’m no hoity-toity rich kid and I commute perfectly fine. I don’t see how that assumption affects my mistaking someone’s crutch for a post, to be honest.

Last Saturday was International Women’s Day, apparently. I didn’t feel it, to be honest. It was just like any other day.

Anyway, Spikey led me to this promo: 10015079_748375745193337_326278982_n

So, okay. I’m up for a new pair of sneakers for the price of P1500. I’m there.

We went to New Balance’s store in Trinoma to get ourselves new shoes, one of which I was willing to buy even though it was for men. But the saleslady clarified that in order to avail of our Take One, I (aka the woman) should purchase a pair from their selection of ladies’ footwear. They only had one design up for sale in their casual style, and I didn’t even like the colors. AND not only that, they only had ONE size.

So much for their promo. At least I walked away 1500 bucks richer. Kinda.

Life lately

So I haven’t been posting anything lately. That’s because I’ve been busy. Very busy. With life, with work, with being productive. *Sigh* What am I to do with myself?

As an update, here’s a photo list of what’s been going on with me these past two months:  Continue reading