Kindness and Generosity

Recently, a friend shared an article that appeared on my Facebook feed. It was called Masters of Love, and it talked about how this man called John Gottman conducted a decades-old research on human relationship with respect to their significant others. It basically showed the difference between couples that are still together (called masters) and couples that have already separated (called disasters), six years since they were first interviewed for the study.

I picked up a lot of good things from this article. The beauty of it is that the things learned from Gottman’s work can be applied in relationships even beyond the romantic sense for which it was intended:

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The X is a diagram of two paths

John Green said that. I’m not a fan, but it’s a damn good metaphor.

Last weekend was a roller coaster. It was a test of resilience. To lose something you’ve made and grown most precious could possibly be the worst feeling imaginable. Empty and gut-wrenching, painful and in denial. Everything and nothing was happening at the same time.

And yet you get by, or at least you try. You only need a quiet moment to reassess yourself and the situation, and you realize that the most precious thing you’ve invested on happened on difficult circumstances.

What now?

It’s time to gird your senses, and be amazing as you’ve been told to do. Leave a bookmark in an unfinished book, without the certainty of what will happen next. Eyes closed, lips pursed, breaths held. And dare to take a leap into the unknown.

Whatever happens, will happen.

Bathroom catastrophe

In the office bathroom, I went into a cubicle and put my things on the shelf on top of the toilet. I knocked off a “tabo” which I thought was empty but actually had some water inside. So with my lack of Spider-man reflexes, I flailed my arms trying to keep it on the shelf, only to result in a large portion of the back of my pants getting wet.

Good thing I had an extra denim skirt that I kept in my cabinet for the past two years!

Bad thing that it had been two years, and I can’t even close the buttons lest I look like I’m wearing a micro mini.